McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

What is the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique?

Surgery or traumatic scarring can cause pain and numbness in the scar area. Scarring can cause referred pain, sensitivity or other sensations in areas not obviously seen to be connected to the scar. Scarring from surgery, such as a cesarean section, hysterectomy, appendix removal, knee replacement, shoulder or back surgery, mastectomy and the leg scar from heart bypass, can usually be helped by this specialized scar release work.

See the videos below for examples.

The McLoughlin Scar Release Technique can affect scar tissue in the following four ways:

  1. By reducing pain and sensitivity or by increasing sensation to numb areas right on the scar and along the affected nerve pathways.
  2. Due to the increase in blood flow to the scar, scars often change colour to blend in better with the surrounding tissue.
  3. Scars can often become less indented or lumpy due to the increase in fluid and lymph to and from the area.
  4. Energy flow in the body can improve and be restored as meridians, which may have been cut by the scar/surgery/event, now become unblocked.

With 70% of clients reporting great results after just one session of this scar work, why not get in touch and see if this Scar Release Technique can help you.

I came to Cyndi because I had scarring from a 4 corner fusion on my left hand and forearm. I could actually feel the treatment working as she worked on the area. Unlike other therapies I had, this treatment never felt like it was too deep and was never uncomfortable. I went for a total of 3 treatments, and I saw noticeable improvements in my range of motion and flexibility after each treatment. I had my first treatment in the spring of 2019, and the benefits following the treatments have remained. I used to have pins and needles daily before the treatments, which was resolved by the time my 3rd treatment was completed. My scar used to be very white, and it now blends with the rest of my skin colour much better. Cyndi was very professional and attentive to my comfort level during the treatments. I would definitely recommend this scar tissue release therapy to others. It has had a positive impact on my everyday life, and I feel it worked very well for me. -TH

I would like to say how the scar tissue work that Cyndi does has affected my life in a positive way. Last year I had a double mastectomy and my scars were really tight to my chest, affecting my ability to reach above my head or to reach behind my back. Cyndi was very respectful and professional as she worked on my scars and I really appreciated that. The results of the work she did were profound! I could reach as far as I wanted up, back and across my body with no restriction. The bonus was that the scars looked so much more faded than they did before she did her treatment. Thank you, Cyndi! I will be recommending your scar work to everyone I know!! - BMK

I first started seeing Cyndi for my monthly Bowen treatments and then I had her do Scar Tissue Release on my C-Section scar. I didn’t really notice a difference after the first treatment but after the second one, there was a big difference. At first, there was a tugging sensation and I was a little nervous, but after a couple of hours it was gone and I could feel. The area around the scar wasn’t numb anymore. It just felt normal. I would highly recommend Scar Tissue Release to anyone who has a scar. No matter how old it is or even if it doesn’t really bother you, it will feel better. - SE

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

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